Meet Our Employees

Meet Our Employees

Meet the Employees at Our World Designs

"Diversity is a fact, but inclusion is a choice we make every day"
- Nellie Borrero

Here at Our World Designs, we have two main missions:

(1) to promote inclusion, and
(2) to provide employment / job training for adults with intellectual disabilities

The company was started by me, an Occupational Therapist, as a response to the lack of opportunities for many adults with disabilities once they age out of high school programs. 

We currently have 6 part time workers, and create items such as totes, t-shirts, body scrubs, and mugs, which we ship nation-wide. We are hoping to continue to expand as our company grows. 

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Meet The Employees: 

(1) Giancarlo

Giancarlo loves sports. His favorites include basketball, golf, MMA, bowling, and swimming. He also loves to travel and has been to Europe, Central America, Bahamas, and various parts of the United States. His other favorite pastimes include listening to music and going to the movies. He likes scary movies and movies about car racing. He recently rode as a passenger in a NASCAR car and loved it! 

Favorite Food: Cheeseburger with Ketchup 

Favorite Product to Make: Mug

Goal for 2023: Learn New Skills at Work

Favorite Travel Destination: Magic Kingdom 

Favorite Singer: Elvis Presley 


(2) Sabrina

Sabrina has volunteered at a therapy center, hotel, office building and the library - but is excited for her first REAL job at Our World Designs. She has been a Special Olympics athlete for over 15 years, most recently training in artistic gymnastics competing at the national level. When she's not in the gym, she loves to watch movies, cuddle with her dog Simba, travel, dance and hang-out with friends. She also enjoys doing art and crocheting beanies! 

Favorite Foods: Chicken and Lemonade

Favorite Product to Make: Stickers

Goal for 2023: Learn a New Dance Routine

Favorite Travel Destination: Key West

Favorite Singer: Selena Gomez


(3) Jonathan 

Jonathan is 20 years old. He loves music, especially the 80s music. He enjoys going anywhere that has live music, and likes watching game shows on TV. He also likes to play tennis and relax at the beach. Alongside Our World Designs, he has been working at Burlington Coat Factory for over a year. He greets customers and puts the shopping carts and baskets away neatly. 


Favorite Food: Chicken

Favorite Product to Make: Tote

Goal for 2023: Spend Time with Family 

Favorite Travel Destination: France

Favorite Singer: WHAM!

(4) Luc 

Luc is a fun-loving guy, sociable and friendly, with a lot of energy. He loves sports, including tennis, swimming, basketball, soccer, horse riding and karate. He is a member of the USA National Down Syndrome swim team and has volunteer experience at several local businesses. He likes to help people and make friends. 


Favorite Food: Fried Calamari 

Favorite Product to Make: T-shirt

Goal for 2023: Learn and Perform a Song at a Local College 

Favorite Travel Destination: Spain 

Favorite Singer: Zac Efron (High School Musical)  

(5) David 

David is 24 years old and a competitive swimmer. He loves going to Disney and playing basketball. Three days per week, he attends an adult program where he learns new skills and gains work experience. He enjoys spending time with his friends, going to the movies, playing mini golf, and going out to eat. He also likes to work hard and learn new things. 


Favorite Foods: Hamburger and French Fries

Favorite Product to Make: Body Scrub 

Goal for 2023: Improve Basketball and Swimming Skills 

Favorite Travel Destination: Disney World 

Favorite Singer: One Direction


(6) Matthew 

Matthew is 21 years old and attends a local high school. He loves to attend concerts, live theater, school, church and any after school event or program that involves being with friends. He is currently working on improving his activity of daily living skills and loves being a part of the Our World Designs team. 


Favorite Foods: Chicken and Pasta

Favorite Product to Make: Greeting Cards

Goal for 2023: Go to Concerts and Plays 

Favorite Travel Destination: Las Vegas

Favorite Singer: Lady Gaga 


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Thanks for being here as we continue to grow and advocate for inclusion. Together we can all create a world that we want to live in