Meet the Employees

Employee #1: Matthew "Hi my name is Matthew, I am 21 years old and attend a day program at a local school. I love to attend concerts, live theater, school, church and any after school event or program that involves being with friends."  I am currently working on improving my activity of daily living skills and am so excited about being a part of the 'Our World Designs' team.
Employee #2: Jonathan "I am 21 years old. I am currently participating in the Project Victory program and the training site is a hospital. I also have been working at Burlington for over a year.  I love music, especially 80s music. I enjoy going anywhere that has live music. I like watching game shows on TV. I also like to play tennis and relax at the beach."
Employee #3: Sabrina "I am Sabrina, and I love working at Our World Designs! I've been a Special Olympics athlete for over 16 years, most recently training in artistic gymnastics and competing at the national level.   When I'm not in the gym, I love to watch movies, cuddle with my dog Simba, travel, dance, and hang-out with friends. I also enjoy doing art and crocheting beanies!"
Employee #4: Giancarlo "I love sports. My favorite sports are basketball, golf, MMA, bowling, and swimming. I also love to travel, and my suitcase is always ready. I have been to Europe, Central America, Bahamas, and various parts of the United States.  My other favorite pastimes include listening to music and going to the movies. I like scary movies and movies about car racing."
Employee #5: Luc "My name is Luc. I am a fun loving guy, sociable and friendly, with a lot of energy. I love sports, tennis, swimming, basketball, soccer, horse riding and karate. I am a member of the USA National Down Syndrome swim team.  I have volunteer experience at several local businesses. I like to help people and make friends. I am good at cleaning and tidying and am eager to learn more skills."
Employee #6: David "My name is David. I am 25 years old and a competitive swimmer. I love going to Disney and playing basketball. I attend an adult program 3 days a week where I learn new skills and gain work experience.   I enjoy spending time with my friends, going to the movies, playing mini golf, or out to eat. I also like to work hard and learn new things."
Employee #7: Yiane "Hi, I am Yiane! I am a team member at the Gene Foundation and do dance. I love to go to the beach and to volunteer at summer camp. My favorite sports are basketball, golf, boxing, and swimming.  I also love art, music, working out, Starbucks, and playing video games. I love to walk outside and to celebrate new year. My favorite place to travel to is New York."